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Tasmanian 20th Century Modernism Project

I've had a long term passion to document the 20th century period of architecture and design through the medium of photography.  What started out as a few photos of places that interested me, soon progressed into a major project - to photograph Modernist architecture and design throughout Tasmania.  I've undertaken this massive project for the past decade now.  Every time I think I have captured it all, a new design I haven't seen before emerges.  These galleries have over 1000 images I've captured, but I have many more to process and add to this collection and am always out and about finding new places to capture. I also run a blog dedicated to Tasmanian 20th Century Modernism, which can be viewed at




houses, flats, and beach homes

industrial buildings of Tasmania

commercial architecture




government offices, schools, police stations, hospitals & libraries

theatres, halls, bridges, parks, walkways, sports facilities, cemeteries and bus shelters.

typeface from the 20th century is fascinating, that's why it gets a dedicated gallery


Architectural details


20th century modernist staircase project

murals, paintings, sculpture, tiles, everything creative

close up of building details - windows, doors, motifs, finials, tiles, shapes textures and patterns

buildings that have been demolished or altered beyond recognition

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