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Use the "golden hour" to create photographs with impact

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Photographing at sunrise or sunset, otherwise known as the "golden hour" can really lift your photographs and provide your subject with added mood and impact. Early morning/late evening light provides the opportunity to photograph in soft warm light, with little in the way of harsh shadow and highlight details to contend with. Because light levels will be low when shooting at these times of day it's advisable to take a tripod with you, especially if using a lens with a zoom, to avoid camera shake.  Be sure to check when and where the sun rises and sets, because the way light hits a subject can change dramaticlly throughout the day and year. Remember to keep going back to the same location if you are not succesful the first time around.  Capturing my subjects in different lighting is one of the most enjoyable things that keeps me going back to the same location, again and again. 

Below are some examples of where I've used this golden hour light to create my images. If you have any questions you can leave a comment in the post below, email me, or contact me via facebook

These two photographs (below )demonstrate visually how lighting plays a pivitol role in image making. I often scout locations beforehand to work out how I want to interpret a location.  The first image I took (below) is an example of what I am looking at whilst observing.  At this time I am working out things such as what time will it be most effective to shoot, composition and lens choices. The second photograph is my final image bathed in early morning sunlight.

Some more examples of where I've used "golden hour" lighting in my photo making to give drama and impact to my subjects.

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