The Dancing Dead


The Dancing Dead

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  • All photographs printed without watermark. Printed using pigment Ink on archival paper, 308gsm.

  • Limited edition prints include a certificate of authenticity.

  • The paper size is as listed. The photograph itself is printed with white boarders.

  • This photograph is a available as a limited edition print, being signed and numbered.

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    • A3 - 16.5 by 11.7 inches - 50 limited edition prints

    • A2 - 23.4 by 16.5 inches - 30 limited edition prints

    • A1* - 25 x 35 inches - 15 limited edition prints

    *Approx A1 = 24 by 35 Inches (Actual A1 = 23.4 by 33.1 Inches)

About the photograph

There are no shortage of dead trees throughout Tasmania that make for hauntingly beautiful subjects. My journey in search of dead trees has been one I've been in pursuit of for over a decade.  Searching for them involves frequent drives and walks to lonely places. Sometimes I come back without any photographs but just being out in the vastness of the landscape is a reward in itself.  My first exploration through this area where I captured The Dancing Dead tree was to explore like I usually do on these trips to see if there were good photo opportunities. I found several large old dead trees and whilst I made some photos these specimens didn't have what I was looking for - things like the sun being in the right direction and background separation so as to be isolated from their background.  I walked a little further on and there it was, a tree that I fell in love with. The cloud cover and onset of rain had made any photographic opportunity disappear that day.  Nonetheless I captured some photographs as a record and left for home knowing I had to come back when conditions would be more conducive to making photographs. A couple of days had passed and I had planned to come back to this location with the idea of a heavy fog lingering around the tree making for an atmospheric image, but fog is fleeting and unpredictable and when I arrived at the tree it was windy, overcast and light rain was persistent.  Things weren't looking good. But I did have fast moving clouds on my side. This was wonderful because it meant that there is a high change of light dancing over the landscape as opposed to a cloudy still day where movement signals little change and change of the sun coming out. With patience there was the chance that sun would break through the clouds and bathe the tree in golden light. It's what I was hoping for anyway…I waited patiently for nearly an hour for the sun to come back out again.  And then it happened! The sun danced across the marshland and I could see the light dancing ever closer to my subject .  And then it happened, the sun bathed the tree in golden light for literally a matter of seconds, until shadow and rain came over once more. The hour long wait for a single fleeting moment was worth it.

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